A Heroic Assembly From Kenny Class

Mar 24, 2020 | Latest News

On Thursday 13th of February, Kenny class performed a spectacular assembly themed on heroes.


The performance opened with some familiar superheroes telling us that all heroes have superpowers. They then explained that heroes don’t have to have superpowers, everyday heroes (like the people who work for the emergency services) perform amazing things every single day. For example, Florence Nightingale changed the way nurses were trained and the way hospitals run.

Then, Kenny class talked about everyday heroes. There are doctors (who save lives), firefighters (who risk lives and put out fires), the police (who deal with crimes and uphold the law) and many more. Then, Kenny class told us who their personal heroes were, like their parents, families or teachers.

The main message was anyone can be a hero by showing bravery, putting others before yourself and lend a helping hand.

Thank you to Miss Brown, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Hewitt for organising the assembly. Thank you to Kenny class for performing an amazing assembly.

By Holly Hewitt